Kartell Museo was established in 1999 on the occasion of the company’s fiftieth anniversary by President Claudio Luti with the aim of conserving, promoting and enhancing the company’s material and intangible cultural heritage.
In 2000, the museum has obtained the Guggenheim Business and Culture Award for the best company museum. Its collections, always in progress, consist of more than 8,000 objects, 5,000 designs and 15,000 photographs that together recreate a precise picture of Kartell’s history and production, the plastic materials adopted, the production technologies and the communication and distribution strategies used over the course of the company’s 65 years of activity.
Kartell Museo is housed in the Kartell factory in Noviglio, at the gates of Milan, the company’s general headquarters since 1967. The building was designed by architects Anna Castelli Ferrieri and Ignazio Gardella, and is considered to be one of the most interesting examples of industrial architecture in Lombardy.
The permanent display of the museum covers more than 2,000 square metres, and was designed by architect Ferruccio Laviani and curated by Elisa Storace. The display includes the most interesting materials linked to the design history of the objects produced from 1949, the year the company was formed, to date.
Standouts include car accessories, household items, lamps, laboratory items, furniture and accessories which have contributed to changing the domestic landscape and which have entered into our daily lives as iconic objects of Italian design.
The Museum may be visited under reservation and operates to spread the knowledge of design culture to the public through publications and research, guided visits and exhibits.


Fondazione Museo Kartell is proposing to spread the knowledge of industrial design and its aesthetic and production processes to the public. To that end, the Foundation presents itself as Company Museum, a permanent cultural institution open to the public, which is dedicated to the conservation, cataloguing and exhibition of the furniture that constitutes the heritage and cultural/corporate face of Kartell Spa, in cooperation with other representative bodies in the sector, as well as with national and international cultural institutions. The Foundation also intends to deepen the existing links between the materials and forms of everyday objects, which are a significant sign of human civilization and the environment in which it has developed, in an atmosphere of rediscovery, and promoting the cultural value of an industrial product. "The environment in which Kartell operates is that of industrial design, which involves the design, production and use of a product in a cultural system. This is reflected in all of its research and communication activities, but above all is expressed through the products that fully reveal their cultural development and purpose. This concrete and tangible memory is made available to the public, who can thus recognize themselves in theobjects that are part of our everyday environment."


Palazzo reale, Milano

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Kartell Museo, Via delle Industrie 3, 20082 Noviglio (MI).

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