Information to Data Subjects - Cookie Policy of the Website

Art. 13 and seq. General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 ("GDPR")

What are cookies and other tools used by the Website

Cookies are small text files that are transmitted from the Website to the devices of Users who visit it, and which are then retransmitted to the Website on subsequent visits; they may have different characteristics and be used for different purposes, both by the Website’s Data Controller and by third parties who provide technical services to the Data Controller or directly to the User. This Website uses different types of cookies, in compliance with the "Guidelines for cookies and other tracking tools" as issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority with general provision no. 231 of 10 June 2021. Cookies can be divided between "first-party" cookies, if installed directly from the Website, and "third-party" cookies, if they provide access to features and services offered by third parties with respect to the Owner. Some of the cookies used by this Website are "technical" - being installed automatically following the opening of the Website - and therefore do not require the user's consent. Technical cookies can be "session" cookies, if they are deleted from the device when the browser and / or the navigation tab is closed, or "persistent" cookies, if they remain in the device's memory even after the Website is closed. The Website might also use cookies, both first and third party, classified as "profiling", with the user's consent, through which the browsing experience and access to the Data Controller’s offerings are personalized and improved. Are also implemented additional elements, classified as "online identifiers" by the GDPR, that allow the analysis and monitoring of the Website's functionalities and enable the User to access specific services. Some of them do not involve the installation of content on the tool used by the User to connect to the Website and allow to minimize the processing of personal data carried out, thus meeting the requirements of the "Digital Markets Act" (EU Reg. 2022/1925) and not interfering with the regulations provided by the so-called "ePrivacy Directive" (Dir. 2002/58/EC).

How to manage cookie settings

To revoke your general consent to the installation and use of cookies, the User can interact with the banner available by the Website on the homepage, , or manage the preferences by opening the PRIVACY CENTER.
The user can also seek further information on the following websites:

The provision of all cookies can always be deactivated by the user by adjusting the browser settings. It should be noted, however, that intervening on these settings could render the Website unusable if the browser blocks cookies that are technically indispensable for the provision of our services. In any case, each browser has different settings for deactivating cookies. The links to the instructions for the most common browsers are as follows:

  • Apple Safari ,
  • Google Chrome,
  • Microsoft Edge,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Opera.
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