HUGO COMTE for KartellbyLaufen
May 2021
First introduced in 2014, the Kartell by Laufen collection combines Kartell’s iconic style, distinctive transparent materials and original surfaces with Laufen’s top-quality production to propose authentic and highly characteristic furnishing solutions that stand out for their graphic impact and unique finish.

The new Kartell by Laufen catalogue presents a complete collection of bathroom furnishings characterised by an innovative, flexible and variable use of colour. Ceramic pieces, taps and even the many accessories all come in different combinations of hues and finishes. The collection therefore complements all styles of furnishing, reflecting the latest developments, responding to changes in taste and context and adding a sensual, emotional dimension to bathroom functionality.

Kartell by Laufen has chosen the genius of Hugo Comte to present and interpret the latest collection. The famous fashion photographer has produced a series of dynamic images typical of his style, in which young models appear to play with the collection’s ceramic and plastic objects, “wearing” them and transforming them into accessories with a significance that extends far beyond the confines of the bathroom. Using improvisation and subversion, Comte and his camera have captured lively scenes in which people bring action and movement to inanimate items of bathroom furnishing.