Salone del mobile 2023

My Kartell

"My Kartell" is the title of Kartell's stand at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2023. The same title of the catalogue that is a step beyond the Punto that characterised last year's message. From the white of the 2022 stand and cover we now move on to a path marked by shades of colour that become ideal backdrops for settings and individual products. A gallery that winds its way through the large space in Hall 2, in its new location at the entrance to the Fair, and narrates the meaning of "My Kartell" a way of being, in constant search of the new and of innovation. Kartell has always been a creative workshop, where designers are called upon to work on the industrial product. At the same time, they are now involved in working with the same approach and experience on the widening of the range, on products born from different materials, for different uses, indoors and outdoors. From living room sets with carpet and light next to sofas and armchairs, to individual pieces from new moulds such as lamps, mirrors, trays and of course seating. The designers' creativity thus helps to transform a project into a product, a family of products that make up a new wide range of living. The project is transformed into an industrial product and the culture of the product and the brand becomes a style of living. "My Kartell" is a lifestyle based on beauty and quality, keywords and strategic cornerstones of the way of doing business that gathers from the past and looks to the future. My Kartell is a definition of belonging, my Kartell, that of the company and that of each customer, each consumer who wants and loves to identify with the product and the strategy.