Salone del mobile 2024

KartellMilano.Urban Horizons
Crafting spaces for living

Kartell designs an urban horizon for the Salone del Mobile starting from Milan, as the place where the company has its roots and as a space of creative excellence, a center of CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE where universities, professional studios, businesses converge to give life to that magical and irreplaceable machine that is the Salone del Mobile. Kartell Milano Urban Horizons, this is the title of the exhibition project, is a tribute to Milan and a starting point for reflections on a city that changes, but remains a reference point for Design and creativity through a deep look at the value of architecture and its multifaceted way of hosting new living and working spaces. Within the Perimeter, which evokes the Spanish walls enclosing the historic center, the novelties of the Salone del Mobile 2024 are represented. The entrance is a reproduction of the portal of the Kartell store in Milan, beyond which, with the scenographies of Milanese environments, the new collections, projects, implementations of some product families, and mini settings are exhibited. Designing international spaces that project from Milan to the whole world in a virtual intersection of horizons and cultures is the way Kartell presents itself at the Salone del Mobile with a rich catalog of proposals ranging from tables to seating, from lamps to sofas, to a wide range of outdoor offerings. Great attention is paid to materials ranging from glass to recycled polymeric materials, from wood to fabric to aluminum and polycarbonate 2.0. Many new fabrics are available in color variants for both indoor and outdoor use.