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HHH by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck presents H.H.H. - HER HIGHEST HIGHNESS. “Her Majesty the Chair” embodies the item that permeates our everyday lives, implicitly narrating our story. Philippe Starck elevates us to new heights with the H.H.H. - HER HIGHEST HIGHNESS chair. With unparalleled elegance and graphic impact, H.H.H. defines the very essence of the human interacting with it, compelling one to take a stance. Indeed, what would we be without the act of sitting, of “posing” before such a symbol of royalty and refinement? It transcends the mere notion of sitting, transforming every moment spent upon it into one of true majesty. The frame is crafted from polycarbonate 2.0, and the seat is available in various finishes: recycled leather with green tanning treatment, in black and tan colours, eco-friendly texture sourced partly from recycled material and partly from renewable sources in black and tobacco colours, and in super glossy finish in white, black, burgundy, rust, mustard, blue, grey, and green. But H.H. rises above the simple practical functions of a chair, becoming an emblem of style that enchants and inspires anyone who approaches it thanks to the Kartell x Liberty edition, upholstered in six Liberty fabrics featuring lively floral prints based on three designs taken from the historic English brand, with five new colours specially chosen for Kartell. The chair legs are offered in colours that contrast with the patterns to emphasise the design as a whole. Faithful to its pioneering role in the search for new and different forms of technological innovation, Kartell has also decided to take a further step in this direction, experimenting with a new high-tech industrial printing process called “graphic impression”. This technique will be used to produce 4 floral and geometric patterns in different colour versions. The exclusive, innovative and ultramodern variant of Liberty prints produced in this way perfectly complements the spirit of Kartell.