Milano da bere

Belvedere & Albert by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba

Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba present the new Belvedere chair and the Albert table. BELVEDERE is the new chair by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba whose name is inspired by the Viennese Belvedere Palace, which houses the treasures and traditions of Austrian culture. This was the starting point for the design of this original chair that blends the culture of the Viennese chair-making world with Vienna straw and Kartell’s industrial capacity for research into new materials and new design solutions. The straw is the protagonist here, together with the carbon fibre frame, which makes it extremely light, materials that apparently do not converse, but which can perfectly represent a new creative idea to realise a totally new and original stylistic feature. These are two worlds that meet within a project that, with its precision, seeks to bring a symbol of elegance not looking to the past, but to a cross-sectional idea of calm and exacting elegance projected into the future. ALBERT by Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba is a table that embodies Kartell's ethos of merging classic elements and stylistic features into the contemporary world, reinterpreting them with unexpected materials. In this instance, the table’s legs pay homage to the past, drawing inspiration from the French craftsman André Charles Boulle of the late 18th century, who pioneered the sinuous leg aesthetic. Ludovica Serafini + Roberto Palomba not only adopted this motif as a decorative theme but also integrated it as a structural element. Crafted from 100% recyclable aluminium, the table features an adaptable edge that accommodates a variety of tabletops. It is presented in a comprehensive colour range, utilising a large ceramic surface that offers an outdoor-friendly, highly durable version with an exceptional glossy finish. Depending on the tabletop finish, the same product can be seamlessly installed both indoors and outdoors, allowing for contrasting or tone-on-tone arrangements.