Teatro di innovazione

A.I. Family by Philippe Starck

The technological and advanced A.I. family by Philippe Starck expands. A.I. O.R.I. by Philippe Starck is the chair that folds like origami, conceived through artificial intelligence, a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, optimised to offer maximum comfort and practicality without sacrificing style. Its ergonomic design and foldable frame, unlike traditional folding, make it suitable for a variety of environments and situations, from corporate meetings to outdoor events. A.I. O.R.I. stands out for its ability to adapt to modern needs, offering comfortable seating and a unique experience that combines technology and design. Even the most advanced artificial intelligence appreciates comfort. In this regard, we are all alike. A.I. LOUNGE is the latest addition to the A.I. family, blending sustainable materials and comfort with a forward-thinking design for enhanced well-being in our living spaces. This lounge chair boasts sleek, modern lines, a hallmark of the collection, combined with exceptional seating comfort. Constructed from recycled materials and offered in white, black, grey, and green, A.I. LOUNGE complements a wide range of interior design styles and preferences and is available in both indoor and outdoor versions, featuring fabric cushions specially designed to withstand outdoor use. A.I. CONSOLE embodies an innovative elegance, where artificial intelligence embraces simplicity. Inspired by the distinctive lines that are a feature of the A.I. family, this console stands out as a unique piece of furniture, capable of making a subtle yet personal statement in entrances and hallways, thanks to its sleek profile and central leg. Versatile and suitable for various settings, A.I. CONSOLE seamlessly integrates into both residential and commercial environments. Available in white, black, grey, and rust orange, it is created using illy Iperespresso capsules, reflecting Kartell’s and illy’s commitment to sustainable collaboration in order to offer an ever-growing collection of products made from this recycled material.