My Breath en Plein Air

My Breath En Plein Air

The HIRAY line by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba multiplies its ability to create outdoor environments with refined and sophisticated atmospheres: new this year are the high TABLE and STOOLS to play at customising the most suitable solutions for one's dream en plein air. The new furnishing solutions that complete the HIRAY family create a relaxed and classy ambience ideal for lounge bars and hôtellerie.

"“HiRay is clearly inspired by the Kartell philosophy and translates its concepts into a product line that sets a new trend for outdoor life. The collection continues Kartell’s exploration of new worlds with a design that places metal in the spotlight and interprets it according to the canons of lightness and modernity. Designed for life in the open, HiRay stands out for its advanced technology and for its use of wire not only to create sinuous, sunny transparencies but to create three-dimensional forms too.”
R+L Palomba