Il salotto di Milano

Aaland & Corteza by Patricia Urquiola

The new AALAND upholstered furniture collection designed by Patricia Urquiola is inspired by the imagery of archipelagos, those groups of neighbouring islands that create a feeling of cohesion in a fluid space. This distinctive concept permeates every element of the collection; the soft, organic shapes of the seats extend and merge, creating little islands that generate new spaces of comfort and togetherness. AALAND challenges the classical rules of upholstery to embrace free forms, unexpected and multifunctional shapes, going beyond traditional seating styles. The collection offers numerous small seats that, together, compose a landscape dotted with opportunities for socialising. Sofas, armchairs, large and small pouffes are presented as miniature islands, which connect and complement each other using an organic language. No upholstered piece stands alone, but all contribute to a cohesive whole. The upholstered items in the collection, individually designed in more compact sizes, offer the flexibility to be easily moved and rearranged as needed. Completing this landscape, we find three sizes of AALAND rugs, characterised by a unique graphic motif. This motif depicts two rounded organic shapes, each with different fillings, positioned close to each other and joined by a graphic element, a kind of stitching. This feature creates a visually striking effect, further enriching the visual impact and vibrancy of the surrounding space. Patricia Urquiola’s CORTEZA side-tables and planters that complete the collection are made of recycled material, with striations reminiscent of the plant world, giving them the appearance of natural barks. These elements include a side-table, a coffee table and two planters, which blend perfectly into the environment, giving it a natural and harmonious touch.