KARTELL’S LOGO AND ICONIC PRODUCTS TO FEATURE ON A ZARA MENSWEAR CAPSULE COLLECTION. For sale on line and in Zara stores in 50 countries. Kartell is making another appearance in the fashion industry, this time with the international giant Zara, who are presenting a menswear capsule collection featuring the Kartell logo and design icons. T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, jogger jackets and trousers will all carry the Kartell logo along with Masters, Componibili, Fly and Louis Ghost motifs. An outline of the product and its description from the packaging will make up the graphics. The Kartell name will serve both as the brand’s logo and as a distinctive motif that makes the garments in the collection instantly recognisable. The logo provides a stylish and tasteful way of distinguishing this trendy and elegant capsule collection, thanks to the use of black&white coupled with shades of grey and beige. The collection will be displayed and presented along with Componibili Recycled, one of Kartell’s most symbolic contributions to the world of design, in black and white for continuity, and to emphasise the colours of the clothing collection. “We are delighted with this new collaboration, which celebrates Kartell design and objects that are iconic for our brand and our history,” Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s Marketing and Retail Director, states. “Zara’s creative team chose us and our brand to represent the world of design before approaching us about this project. We have since worked hand in hand to develop the collection and have chosen together the iconic objects destined to appear as graphic motifs on Zara garments. This project is perfectly in keeping with our corporate character and with our co-branding policy, which is increasingly aimed at promoting our creative style and our brand’s democratic character.” The collection will be available on-line and in Zara stores in 50 countries until the end of 2022.