Rodolfo Aricò/Anna Castelli Ferrieri. The love for the project
Rodolfo Aricò/Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Running from 27 September to 23 November 2019, the love for the project is an exhibition promoted by the Tommaso Calabrò gallery that constructs a dialogue between two relevant figures from the 20th century Italian art and architecture world, namely Rodolfo Aricò (Milan, 1930-2002) and Anna Castelli Ferrieri (Milan, 1918-2006). Architect, designer, academic and a woman of great culture, Anna Castelli Ferrieri was one of the most important voices in Italian architecture during the second half of the 20th century as well as the co-founder of Kartell in 1949. The 4870 chair, the 4814 armchair and the 4970/84 furniture is still iconic today, better known by the Componibili name and exhibited in the world’s most important museums, including MOMA and the Pompidou Centre. The various project levels - from modular, to interior architecture to the design of residences and offices - are testament to Anna Castelli’s ability to marry and her desire to consider the relationship between the arts in a complex, humanistic way. Her creations, characterised by loud colours and created in polypropylene, polyurethane and resin - materials that were essentially still to be explored in the design world at that time - are the fruit of comprehensive research into the potential of materials to respond to both functional and aesthetic needs, without compromising in terms of high product quality.