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Pop is the first “infinitely repeatable" modular sofa. Easy to take apart and manufactured industrially, Pop is composed of identical transparent polycarbonate single-seat modules which can be placed side by side to create the sofa's solid frame: backrest, seat (also made of plastic slats) and armrests. Pop shatters preconceived ideas of the rigidity of plastic, offering itself as a comfortable and indestructible industrial upholstered sofa that stands up to shocks and heavy use. The large and soft goose feather cushions are available in a number of fabrics. For those who love imagination and can’t live without a modern and lively touch in their home, Kartell is offering a series of Missoni fabrics: “Vevey” and “Cartagena”.
Pop Sofa

Technical details


Policarbonato trasparente o colorato in massa


Width:  68.3 ''
Depth:  36.7 ''
Height:  27.3 ''
Unit weight:  41.6 kg

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Kartell è una bellissima donna che continua a riprogettarsi. Questo suo continuo guardare al futuro e contemporaneamente mai dimenticare il passato è una cosa straordinaria.

Piero Lissoni


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