Kartell enhances design as a form of artistic and cultural expression: the exhibitions at the Royal Palace.

Événements, 14 mars, 2018
Kartell Museo: speciale visita guidata 3 Marzo 2018

To Kartell, a product is a unique, exciting object that tells the story of innovation and culture. Through exhibitions, special projects and partnerships, the company intends to showcase the creative work behind every product, telling the story of how the most innovative materials lead to the final object through the magical moment of artistic creation. “Kartell’s dynamic, creative spirit has always communicated with the world of art and culture, » says Claudio Luti, the president of Kartell. “We are constantly looking for new inspirations and influences that can excite and enchant with the great beauty that comes from the best creative expressions at the global level. » This commitment and passion is what has given rise to the collaboration with the Royal Palace, the centre of Milan’s cultural world that has always offered top international exhibitions, events and performances. The collaboration with Kartell continues to follow the standard of excellence, offering the events hosted by the museum original, custom settings that enhance the pieces to the utmost, given the transversal nature of Kartell products and their unique ability to interact with various types of spaces. Kartell’s last project for the Royal Palace is for the « Impressionism and the Avant-garde. Masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art » exhibition, running from 8 March to 2 September. It offers the public a selection of 50 masterpieces from one of the most important historical American museums, a unique opportunity to admire the work of the greatest painters between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries at the time of their utmost artistic expression. The exhibition, curated by the Philadelphia Museum of Art Curatorial Department, will be accompanied by Kartell’s iconic Victoria Ghost chair.

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