“Kartell – The Culture of Plastics” 2014 Omi Award winner

Honourable mention for a corporate monograph

Events, February 26, 2015
Grace K for Collistar in Limited Edition

On Tuesday 24 February the award giving ceremony for the 2014 Omi Awards (Observatory for Institutional Corporate Monographs) was held in the Great Hall of Verona University.

Kartell received “Special Mention for the Best Design” for its monograph ““Kartell – The Culture of Plastics” published by Taschen, the prestigious publishing house, and curated by Elisa Storace, curator of the Kartell Museum, and Hans Werner Holzwarth, author of several volumes published by the German publisher.

Available in two different versions, the first in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and the second in English, French and German, the volume traces the history of the Italian company from its establishment in 1949 up to our day, highlighting the objectives achieved over several decades in the world of technology, experimentation and aesthetics.

Kartell for Milano is excELLEnt!