Kartell Goes Taschen

Claudio Luti and Benedikt Taschen

"Kartell - The Culture of Plastics"

“Kartell – The Culture of Plastics” is a chronological overview, told through the technological innovations and activities of the Italian company, which is a world leader in the industrial production of design products made of plastic materials, which is now reaching its third generation.
This coffee table book, divided by decades, from the 50’s to the 2000’s, alternates between authors Chantal Hamaide, Marie-Laure Jousset, R. Craig Miller, Giovanni Odoni, Franca Sozzani and Deyan Sudjic, while the words of the current President, Claudio Luti, the owner for more than 20 years and the creator of the new boom, were collected by journalists Giulia Crivelli and Giovanni Odoni.

Kartell / The Culture Of Plastics
Elisa Storace, Hans Werner HolzwarthTaschen Edition, 2012
Hardcover 25 x 31,5 cm, 400 pages
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
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The story of a globally renowned design industry which is synonymous with the concept of “transparency” is recounted through its own creation, development, the challenges overcome, the incessant push towards research and technological innovation, its designers, the prizes won (a good nine ADI Compasso D’Oro Prizes plus other international accolades,) world distribution, but above all through its iconic products, which appear in houses the world over, in historical and archive photos, advertisements and visual images, with detailed captions about the technological innovations which reveal the history of a company which has taught us about the culture of plastic materials.


As Claudio Luti states in the volume’s introduction: “Making a book on Kartell is much more than creating a design book: talking about Kartell actually means talking about a family, a city, a pioneering idea which discovered, thanks to a new material, the “Culture of Plastic”.
“Kartell – The Culture of Plastics” is available in six languages, divided into two editions: the first in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, the second in English, French and German.