Kartell in Tavola

Events, April 28, 2014
Salone del Mobile 2014

After the first collections dating back to the 70’s, which were signed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri and Franco Raggi, Kartell is heading back to the table after approximately 40 years, with a complete and multifunctional design, inviting chefs and designers to design a table that is sophisticated and youthful, glamourous and practical, elegant and easy all at the same time. Patricia Urquiola has designed “Jellies Family,” a well-structured line of plates, trays, glasses, bowls and pitchers made in shiny coloured and clear PMMA. The line is so unique due to the fact that every plate model has a different pattern, the clear result of organic and natural inspiration. The overlapped plates, with their combination of colours, create an original yet subtle overall look, which is creative and sophisticated at the same time. Davide Oldani has conversely designed “I.D.Ish by D/O Davide Oldani,” a full line of plates in bone-white or bronze melamine (flat plate, classic soup plate, “Oldani” soup plate with a slightly asymmetrical slant, slanted plate,) water/wine glasses and a set of flatware. It is a well-structured collection which also reflects a specific vision of the famous chef’s kitchen, all centred around the act of serving (represented ironically by the icon of the digital stamp on the side of the plate, which is offered in four different colours which are recreated for the four seasons for the respective models (Summer flat plate, Autumn classic soup plate, Spring Oldani soup plate, Winter slanted plate.) Topping off the two main collections, Kartell has also invited Philippe Starck, Jean Marie Massaud, Carlo Cracco and Andrea Berton to design a series of other accessories for the table, thus drawing attention, on the one hand, to the designers’ forms and aesthetics, and on the other, to the experience of the chefs. New chefs and designers will be asked to express themselves. This is only the start of a new journey in a sector that is continually evolving, open and receptive to change. Ready to welcome the varied and all-encompassing Kartell in Tavola.

Bourgie at the Kartell Museum