Kartell and Vogue Sposa

Events, January 1, 2014
EDIDA 2014 – Kartell by Laufen

Kartell worked with Vogue Sposa on setting up the “Il giardino interiore” exhibition, organised at the latest edition of HOMI together with floral artist Vincenzo Dascanio.
Comback Chair, Magic Hole, Panier, Matelassé, Jelly, Shanghai, and Frontpage were all used in the beautiful display.
“The outdoors comes indoors, covering it, enveloping it, contaminating it and eliminating any difference between rooms and gardens.
Traditional décor, made up of dishes and crockery is lifted, broadened, occupies other spaces and even becomes sculpture, just as flowers are delicate architecture of magic and charm.”

Bourgie’s 10th anniversary