Kartell and Philippe Starck’s adventure continues in the realm of the “impossible”

Mr. Impossible, a new chair with revolutionary technological innovation

Products, March 16, 2008
Maison&Objet Paris

On 6 March at the Milan flagship, Kartell celebrated its 20 years of collaboration with Philippe Starck, debuting the new Mr. Impossible chair.

The unquestionably successful partnership began in 1988 (the year Claudio Luti bought the business) and has strongly influenced not only the path of the company but also the history of design. It’s a collaboration that has generated innovative products and forms, thanks to the pragmatism and business intuition of Luti, and to the creative genius of the famous French designer, not to mention the internationally renowned team of Kartell designers.

Innovation and experimentation coexist in Starck’s projects for Kartell, which straddle the diverse sectors of design, art and fashion, and are the result of a joint approach, a specific unified feeling that has developed over the course of years, which occurs through constant dialogue, mutual commitment and design experience.

The event was also organized during the same month at the Hong Kong, Genoa and Sidney flagships.

Kartell and Moschino