Paris présente 15 ans d’une matière en mouvement

Kartell celebrates material on the move

Events, August 1, 2014
New York, Pharrell Williams for Kartell in Re-Design Bourgie

For Designer’s Days 2014 and in line with the theme this year (“mouvement”) Kartell presented an original setting at its flagship store on Blvd. Saint Germain completely dedicated to transparent plastic and the evolution of injection technology, from the La Marie chair of 1999 to the Uncle Jack sofa in 2014, the brand’s latest challenge.

There is a difference of about 25 kg between La Marie and Uncle Jack. In between saw the development of products that became larger and heavier like the Ghost Buster commode which weighs 18 kg and was a veritable adventure because of its different thicknesses. Then came the Invisible table by Tokujin Yoshioka which weighs about 20 kg where its ethereal look and the flat surfaces permitted no imperfections. With a record product, today, 15 years later we have reached the highest point in our research on polycarbonate where ambitious dreams and what seemed like impossible goals for Kartell D14 have become a reality.

Kartell Museum and Palazzo Sums present: the Culture of Plastics