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1. These regulations (the "RegulationsV) govern the terms and conditions of use of the Kartell Gift Card (the "Gift Card") purchased at the Kartell Flagship Stores participating in the initiative (the "Flagship Stores").

2. The Gift Card is a purchase voucher which can be used decrementally towards payments and as it belongs to the bearer, it is comparable to cash. The amount paid for it is exempt from VAT since the transaction is classified as a money transfer.

3. The amount loaded onto the Gift Card corresponds to the amount which was actually paid by the final customer at the time of purchase at the Flagship Store and does not mature interest and may not be converted into cash.

4. The Gift Card can be used for a six month period starting from the issue date marked on it (or for longer periods of time depending on local regulations in force) and only at the flagship store where it was issued.

5. After the expiry date, the Gift Card may no longer be used and the bearer shall not be entitled to any form of reimbursement of the residual credit.

6. The Gift Card may be used only for the purchase of Kartell products on one or more occasions up until the credit is depleted. If the credit is only partially used, the Flagship Store will withdraw the Gift Card and will issue a new one specifying the residual amount of credit to be used in the time remaining before the 6 month expiry date. If, however, the amount of credit on the card is not sufficient to cover the amount of purchase, it can be used together with the other types of payment accepted by the Flagship Store to cover the whole amount.

7. The Gift Card may not be reloaded. After each use, the Gift Card must be returned to the issuing Flagship Store where it was used for purchase. 8. Any failure to include essential information in the appropriate spaces on the Gift Card and, likewise, any tampering, attempt to modify or alter it (i.e. - the amount or the date of issue) could invalidate the Gift Card and cause it to be no longer usable with no right to any reimbursement or any other claim thereto.

9. Kartell S.p.A., with registered office at 1 Via delle Industrie – 20082 Noviglio (MI) declines all responsibility in case of any dispute and/or related complaint, and merely by way of example, in the case of the use of Gift Cards purchased at Flagship Stores managed by third parties who must be deemed to be independent owners and the sole parties concerned and responsible for the use of those Gift Cards issued by them.

10. Kartell S.p.a. furthermore declines all responsibility should the Flagship Store managed by third parties waive the Regulations, or even part of them, and which with regard to such parties have a merely indicative function.

11. The holder of the Gift Card is exclusively responsible for its use and safekeeping. Kartell S.p.A. and the third party Flagship Stores shall in no way be responsible for any theft, loss or damage to the Gift Card. In case of theft, loss or damage, the Gift Card will not be reimbursed.

12. The purchase and use of the Gift Card implies acceptance of these Regulations.

13. Any dispute over the use of the Gift Card shall be governed by Italian law.