Plastics Duo Sofa
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  • Plastics Duo Sofa
  • Plastics Duo Sofa
Plastics Duo Sofa
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The upholstery fabric of the Plastics modular seating system featuring little transparent polycarbonate feet lends an air of greater refinement and sophistication. In fact it becomes a veritable sofa for the home, comfortable and soft, elegant but easy. The seat now comes in two different sizes, 88 and 114 cm, and two different heights for the arms. There are still three different models of the sofa: the seat with back, the right arm version and the left arm version. A pouf can be added. The velvety Nile and Eskimo fabrics are sturdy and very easy to maintain, available in a range of soft shades from white to dove grey and from olive green to orange.
Plastics Duo Sofa

Technical details


Transparent polycarbonate
Goose down and flock


Width:  290 cm
Depth:  64 cm
Height:  114 cm

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Plastics Duo
Piero Lissoni
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